Kim & Bae’s labor and employment law practice can provide legal representation and advice to both employers and employees.

For employers, Kim & Bae can assist with matters such as drafting employment contracts, creating employee handbooks and policies, and advising on compliance with labor laws and regulations. They can also provide representation in disputes with employees, such as wrongful termination claims, discrimination claims, and wage and hour disputes.

For employees, Kim & Bae can provide representation in matters such as negotiating employment contracts, pursuing claims for discrimination or wrongful termination, and seeking redress for workplace harassment or other illegal treatment.

Field of Work:
– Discrimination based on race, gender, age, disability, etc.
– Sexual Harassments
– Unlawful Termination / Retaliation
– Hostile Work Environment 
– Compensation Negotiation
– Minimum Wage Violation
– Retribution
– Violation of overtime pay and minimum wage
– Employer’s theft of Tips
– Violation of Fair Labor Standards Act
– New Jersey Family Paid Leave Act
– Defamation in the Workplace
– Trade secret protection and non-competition agreement

our case study


When a securities firm terminated an employee, the aggrieved employee filed a lawsuit, claiming his bonus on a basis of the breach of contract. Though the firm’s action in the employee’s termination was clear cut and wholly justified, nonetheless the claimant sued our Client for a minimum of $300,000. We successfully defended our Client and won our case.


Our Client found himself surrounded by fellow employees that were consistently younger than him by over ten or more years as he continued to work over ten years for company “R”. There were only one or two management level employees around Client’s age. Company “R” systematically screened older workers out of its workplace, either by declining to hire the, or if already hired, forcing them to resign or terminating them. Our Client was subject to harassment and harsh, unwarranted personal attacks in the workplace. Upon termination, our client was not provided with any non- discriminatory reasons for the discharge. (Lee v. R, Inc.)