Business & Contracts Law

As the global system faces challenges from natural disasters and evolving laws and regulations, the business world is becoming increasingly complex. It is becoming more difficult for companies and entrepreneurs to understand their rights and the remedies available to them. In the event that entrepreneurs or businesses face infringement upon their rights, the experienced lawyers at Kim & Bae will provide a thorough analysis of the situation and help take prompt action to address it.

At Kim & Bae, we have a team of professional attorneys who are highly knowledgeable in a diverse range of legal areas. With the expertise, we approach each case with a unique and tailored method that is designed to achieve the best possible outcome.

Practice Areas

  • Mergers & Acquisitions
  • Corporate Agreements
  • Corporate Documents
  • Succession Planning
  • Corporate Policy Manuals
  • Business Licenses
  • Corporate Organization & Structure
  • Profit/Non-profit Entity Formation
  • Tax-Exemption Status Applications
  • Franchise Formation and Agreement

Other Services
– Determining business risk and suggesting solutions
– Contract Negotiation Support
– Corporate and Strategic Planning
– Contract Dispute Analysis and Legal Business Advice
– Due diligence and advice on mergers and acquisitions
– Consultation for protecting and minimizing exposure to customer responsibility and maximizing profits

our case study


Koh v. Liang – New Jersey Superior Court

Kim & Bae has a proven track record of successfully representing clients who have been wronged. In one particular case, our client was facing violations from their landlord, and we stepped in to rectify the situation. After the case was brought before the state of New York Court, our client was awarded $1,000,000 plus interest and counsel fees. Despite the ruling in our client’s favor, the landlord engaged in fraudulent activities to hide assets. However, Kim & Bae was able to prove fraudulent transfer of funds by the landlord in a New Jersey state court. Once again, the judge ruled in our favor, and our client was awarded $700,000 to rectify the situation.


Heijung Park v. Nam Yong Kim – New York Supreme Court

Kim & Bae successfully represented our client in a lawsuit brought by a former business partner after a joint venture failed. The plaintiff alleged various violations, including breach of fiduciary duty, breach of agreement, fraud, and deceit, seeking damages from our client. However, our experienced attorneys were able to successfully defend against these claims and the judge ruled in our client’s favor, awarding a judgment of $200,000 on our counterclaims. This outcome not only cleared our client’s name but also resulted in a successful counterclaim.