commercial litigation

Kim & Bae’s primary area of expertise is in commercial litigation. With a combined experience of over 57 years, attorneys Bong-June Kim and Christine Bae have represented clients in numerous arbitration cases as well as federal and state courts, giving us a vast amount of knowledge and experience to tackle a variety of legal issues.

We recognize that businesses face a multitude of challenges, including navigating laws, regulations, economics, and litigation. Therefore,  we approach each case with a unique and tailored method that is designed to achieve the best possible outcome for client.

Our approach is highly individualized, and we take the time to understand each client’s unique situation and needs to provide tailored solutions that deliver the most effective results.

Litigation Expertise Include
– Appeal
– Breach of nondisclosure agreements, restrictive agreements, non-competition, and all other business agreements and contracts relating to claims
– Computer Fraud and Abuse Litigation
– Abandonment of duties by directors and corporate executives
– Fraud
– Labor and Employment Litigation
– Business Misconduct
– Defective Goods
– Litigation related to business operation
– Partnership Dispute
– Shareholder Dispute
– Injunctive and Emergency Relief
– Defamation
– Franchise related litigation
– Intellectual Property
– Real Estate and Construction
– Minority Shareholder Litigation
– Securities and Financial Services Litigation
– Class Action 
– Mediation / Arbitration

our case study


Homecast v. Microgem

Kim & Bae successfully represented Homecast in a case where Microgem, a business partner of Homecast, had defrauded them by providing false information. Initially, Microgem had sued Homecast, claiming non-payment of invoices and seeking an award of $15 million. However, our experienced attorneys counter-sued and were able to prove that Microgem had misrepresented the converter boxes as defective, resulting in Homecast being defrauded of over $500,000. As a result, the judge ruled in favor of our client and awarded them a sum of $500,000 in addition to clearing their name of the false claims made by Microgem.